Designer Headquarters

Here is a handy list of top designer headquarters, in case you need to check on their policy regarding factory seconds.


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Factory Seconds

Do I even have to say it? Don't fall for web sites that claim they have "made a deal with top designers to sell their factory seconds and floor models." It is just not that easy. They typically show images directly from or other designer's web sites, so you see what appears to be authentic merchandise. It is not authentic. Don't take my word for it! Call and ask for yourself!

Yes, some designers do have factory outlets and some sell at wholesale. LOUIS VUITTON IS NOT ONE OF THEM! They do not sell floor models at discounted prices. They only take returns within 14 days if they are in pristine, unused condition and sell them at FULL PRICE. They destroy merchandise that is unusable or unsold once that season is over. That holds true for most top designers.

Even at discounted prices, come on, you don't really expect to buy a $1500 bag for $259, do you?

Example of a site's authenticity policy where we just say "No!"


Guaranteed "New" does not mean guaranteed "Authentic!" Even guaranteed "Authentic" has little meaning, these days. So, just say no to sites that say something like the following;

(Insert Any Name Here) Boutique Virtual Shopping Experience

"Our site offers the extravagance of brand name boutiques and designer outlets in one premiere shopping destination. Boutiques of Louis Vuitton, Hermès, Chanel, Balenciaga, Chloe, etc. are all found in the complexes of our site. We have successfully joined with more than ten designer corporations and their associated boutiques to create the ultimate online source for the stylish shopper. invites you to enjoy eye-opening photos and detailed descriptions in your pursuit to find the perfect designer product. Whether shopping for you or for a loved one, offers you a vast range of brand name products at the convenience of hassle-free and secure online shopping.

For $10 we will check a site and give you our opinion: