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Great info in Poupette's book! I'm 20 yr Louis Vuitton collector/still learned something!

- Kathie L., Ohio

My Poupette's booklet is a MUST HAVE for authentic LV lovers. INFORMATIVE!!!

- Carol I., Indiana

Hi Angie! I received your book today...GREAT info!! I am so glad I have it!! Once again, thank you for your time and LV wisdom!! It is so nice of you to be so considerate and help out others like myself!! I'll be sure to keep you posted if I am the lucky winner of my first LV bag!!

- Susan H., Connecticut

I must have read your guide to buying authentic Louis Vuitton at least 4 times and each time I read it I find more things I haven't known. Funny to see how a company changes its models and the different approaches to modification etc. I have worked in the car business most of my working-life (I am now 40 years old - and personally I have a hunch for old "classic" cars - this is where my connection to LV really "matches") and I can compare what the manufacturers do and I find it all very interesting.

Congratulations on your book and keep up the good work, Angie!

- Claudia H., Austria

It's been fun watching eBay auctions and being more confident in knowing my Vuitton! You've really helped me — I passed up a good "fake" today at a consignment shop. A month ago, I probably would have bought it! I felt rather smug.... ;c)

Thanks Again!

- Karen R., California

Hi! I believe I bought that book from you off of Yahoo auctions! It is amazing and such a great idea....u must have been an LV lover for years to know all of that info!!! Very fast shipping, love the book sooo much!!!! great tips, definitely helpful!!!

- Kimberly T., California

First let me tell you how awesome this guide was in helping me look close at my 4 Louis Vuitton. Needless to say the only one that is real is the one I bought in the Louis Vuitton shop on Union Square in San Francisco. I'm so hurt that I could 't see the forest for the LV I read your book in a matter of minutes. I've been depressed but not wounded over these findings.

I went through e-bay and saw soooo many fakes. I'm becoming somewhat Louis Vuitton savvy. I also went through another seller at e-bay mrstroppo you mention in your guide, and right away I saw the alignment of the diamond quatrefoils and quatrefoils and the position of the LV at the top of the bag and when I saw my fake vs. my only real bag I felt like a big dope. But I made a promise that I will purchase my future bags from mrstroppo or I will go to a LV store to buy my bag from now on.

You know how a teacher or mentor makes a impression on you for life? Well my sister, you made a very big impression in my life from this day forward. Again, MsPoupette, thanks for this heads up. You've given me insight.

- Carrie M., California

Hi!!!! Your LV guide is just superb!!! Very professionally done, great price! It is really a lifesaver for a novice like me. Now I know what to look for!!

Follow up a week later: "I think the guide absolutely helped me realize that a Samur bag was authentic!! I knew what questions to ask, and how to judge the responses of the seller. I knew what extra photos to ask for! Thanks so much!!"

- Therese F., North Carolina

Thanks a million for your book. Its amazing! You really put a lot of time into it. I think it will be extremely helpful to online bidders. The amount of fakes keeps climbing daily. They keep getting more and more believable and harder to detect at first glance.

- Craig L., Texas

Hello, I am so impressed with your page and service, that I am buying another book for my daughter!

Follow up one week later:

I got the book and what great information! Before, I didn't know what was authentic and what wasn't, but after reading this book, some of those fakes just pop out imitation and fraud! And just like you, I see those people just bidding and bidding on the fakes. I want to email them all, but it's against most auctions' rules, and then there is the spam rule. I wish there was a creative way to reach those people that bid on fakes and direct them to your educational site. If you have any ideas, please let me know. My daughter loves the book also!

- Dawn L., Florida

I cant say thank you enough for printing this book and creating this web site. as a novice I knew nothing about real vs. fake Louis Vuitton merchansie and quite frankly would have bought a fake LV and thought...gee what i great deal I just got ... when what would have really happened would be that I was taken like a fool - I can see me now - hey look at my beautiful new louis vuitton purse and how foolish I would look to anyone with any knowledge of Vuittons.

This guide is a great tool and resource for anyone buying their Louis Vuitton's on-line as opposed to directly from their store's or on eluxury.

Thank you so much !!

I'm ready for volume II


Hello Angie. I purchased your book last year and I just want to thank you for all the work you put into it. I purchased a large Noe off Ebay and I followed your guide to ask all the questions and check markings/placements. I took it to the LV store and it's real! THANK YOU.