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Authentication Letters (Statements of Non-Authenticity)


Our fee is based on the amount you paid for your item and how soon you need your statement. Use the chart below to determine the correct fee. Do not include shipping fees.

Find the Purchase Amount (what you paid for your item, less shipping) in the first column below. Let us know the service level you want (Standard, Rush or Super Rush). All Fees are in U.S. Dollars. We will then send you a invoice.


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Standard is 7 days; Rush is 5 days and Super Rush is 2 days. Same day service is available in most cases: Request must be submitted prior to 7 PM, PST. Please contact us using the Live Help chat button to request this service. Fee for Same Day is double the Rush Fee.

FEES (Conversion Chart)


Amount Paid for Item

(Not including shipping)


7-Day Turnaround


5-Day Turnaround


2-Day Turnaround


Fee Due


Fee Due


Fee Due

1 Under $100




2 $101-$250




3 $251-$500




4 $501-$650




5 $651-$1000




6 $1,001 - $1999 $85 $115 $145
7 $2000 - $2499 $115 $145 $165

Hermes  or Celine,  $501-$2499*





Any item $2,500+

10% of purchase price (less shipping). This is an automatic Super Rush.

+ Example: If the item cost $2,800, your fee will be $280.

9 Notary Fee $40 We can have all of our written statements notarized for court, insurance, police, or any other purpose.
*If the Hermes or  Celine purchase was less than $500, the fee structure for services 1-3 above will be applicable.

We will send an invoice after receipt of your photos.
  • REFUNDS: A 25% admin fee will be deducted from all refunds, if you cancel your request for any reason once we have received your payment.
  • All standard services may be upgraded later. First pay the fee stated, then contact us to advise that you wish to upgrade service.


My Poupette is generally available to answer inquiries between the hours of 10 am - 5 pm PST, every day except Federal Holidays and Weekends.
You may send your inquiry at any time using the Live Help chat button. Replies will be sent as soon as possible; usually within 24-72 hours (often the same day) according the above schedule, and according to our workload.

Any changes to these hours will be posted here.

Last update: 03/25/2017