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Louis Vuitton FAQ Archive

The information on this page is from our archive of Louis Vuitton-specific information. The Louis Vuitton FAQ was created when this site was new, but is no longer part of our current content.

Date Codes/Serial Numbers

I can't find a date code on my bag. Does that mean it is not authentic?

No. Louis Vuitton implemented the use of date codes in the early 1980's. Your bag may have been produced before date codes were used. In addition, date codes are difficult to locate on many items.

How do I interpret date codes?

As much as we would like to share this information with well-intentioned people, my policy is not to do so. You may visit your local Louis Vuitton Boutique or contact Louis Vuitton's Headquarters at (212) 758-8877 to inquire, however, they will likely be unwilling to share this information either.

Can you tell me where a date code should be located?

If you send photos of your item, I may be able to point you in the right direction.

Can I assume my bag is authentic if it has a date code?

Having a date code does not assure authenticity. Most good fakes have valid date codes. However, an invalid date code means that the bag is not authentic.

Are a serial number and date code the same thing?

The proper term is "date code" and the two terms refer to the same thing: The number assigned by the factory when the item was manufactured.

I am a seller. Is it safe to give out the date code to people who ask me? I am afraid that unscrupulous people will use it for their own auctions.

If a potential bidder inquires, I would give the date code. People are becoming much more savvy and this is information they want in order to feel more comfortable with their purchase. In addition, there are many auctions that do give date codes and since more than one item can have the same date code, it would not be difficult for scammers to just pick one they like.

Are there any LV bags that do not have a serial number inside? ie: LUCO?

Yes. Vintage (pre-1980) bags do not have date codes. The Luco tote is relatively new, so it should have a date code.

Does every single Louis Vuitton purse or wallet have a serial number?


You told me that the date code on my bag was not valid. Other than that, it seems everything's in order, so are you sure it is not authentic?

The date code, if present, is a critical component. If it is invalid, the item is not authentic.

Do all authentic LV's have date codes and or serial numbers? I recently got a Spontini from the Louis Vuitton store in McLean, Virginia but I can't find any kind of date or serial number stamped anywhere on/in it?

All modern items should have a date code. There should be a date code on your Spontini. Ask the store where you purchased it to tell you where to find it.

Please take a look at this auction for me. Seller can't find a date code, and I'm not sure where to look on a Nil. Says he bought it at LV Palm Beach 18 years ago, so it should have a date code.

If it has a date code, it should be branded or stamped inside the larger compartment, likely along the zipper or a seam near the top.

I asked a seller for the date code on a bag and here is the reply I got:

For security reasons, I am unable to disclose the serial number to you. Yes, I purchased this wallet myself. thank you.

So, what do you think? What is the "security reason" not to disclose the serial number?

You could be a counterfeiter who wants to use the number for you own evil means.However, there is no “security” risk involved here.

I have been looking at the bag I purchased closer, after I saw that there are factories in the U.S. It has a serial number on the inside that reads SD0945. the plating on the zipper pulls seem to be flaking off, is this normal? I also purchased a set of hard sided suitcases and have two questions...

1 .when would these have been made... serial numbers 980563, and 92841 2. These are both nearly immaculate but they have a few abrasions that look like they were rubbed against a painted wall and they look like they will come off. What do you recommend to clean the monogram material?

NOTE: This response was contributed by one of Poupette's Recommended Sellers:

I don't know how to tell an age of a piece by the serial number. Usually the only way to get an exact age is to contact LV in Paris and have them look up the numbers. If you have a pic of the two cases, I can give you a rough estimate of their age. I would also have to see them to tell you how to clean them. The older ones were hand stenciled and any made after 1959 would be covered in a PVC coated canvas. Seeing them would make it much easier to help you. Please forward any pictures you have and I will be glad to assist you.

I have recently bought an Epi Sac D'Epaule from eBay and can't seem to locate the serial number or date code on the buckle. Am I looking in the wrong place?

You should find it on the strap, under the belt loop.

Where do you locate the date code on sac keep all?

It should be inside on one of the leather tabs attached to the handles.

How can I get into the LV selling business?

It is a very tough business to get into. You cannot purchase wholesale LV from ANYWHERE! People will lead you to believe you can, but it is just not possible. LV sends it products DIRECTLY to its retail stores. The only way to do sales is to build up an inventory by purchasing at a bargain price somewhere else--the internet, for example--and then selling for a profit.

Do you know of any reputable people on the internet that sell pretty cheap? I am seriously thinking about selling them if I can find authentic.

Let me direct you to this page for more information:

Meantime, people buy and trade LV goods all the time. Some people sell LV on consignment to get stared, after the original purchaser no longer wants the bag. Others shop on eBay and other venues such as estate sales, to find bargains that they can resell.

I am dying to be a reseller of LV. I have this person saying that they sell LV because they purchase from closeouts. I told him there was no such thing, is that right? Please let me know what you think of this site: They guarantee authenticity on all their stuff.

Most of their photos are lifted from eLUXURY and the others appear to be counterfeit. I would steer clear. Regardless of their claim of authenticity, I don’t buy it. It is true that Louis Vuitton does not wholesale its products. They ship directly from the factory to their retail stores.

I am looking to open a designer handbag store but will only deal with authentic merchandise. Do you know if there is a way to buy directly from Louis Vuitton? If not are there any places where I can buy authentic merchandise?

Unfortunately, LV does not wholesale its products. Most people start with consignment or have associates in other cities or countries who take in consignment orders and ship to the U.S. for sale. Another way is to build an inventory by purchasing via auction.

How do your Recommended Sellers get all that stuff to sell?

Some buy from LV, others may own, or buy from consignment stores; still others obtain their merchandise from friends and relatives or even LV store employees. If you are aware of any illegally-obtained merchandise for sale by a MPRS, please notify me and provide evidence to support your claim

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