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Louis Vuitton FAQ Archive

The information on this page is from our archive of Louis Vuitton-specific information. The Louis Vuitton FAQ was created when this site was new, but is no longer part of our current content.

Louis Vuitton: The Company

Are LV's that say "made in USA" as good as the bags that say "made in France?"

Yes. Louis Vuitton has factories in the United States, France, Spain, Italy and Germany. This is cost-effective for LV because it allows quicker product distribution to the intended market. Employees of all factories are trained to meet Louis Vuitton Paris' standards. Clothing for Louis Vuitton may be made in a number of different countries, but Asia is not among them.

How can I find an LV Retailer near me?

Of course, you could check your local Yellow Pages or check here:

Does Louis Vuitton ever go on sale?

As with most upscale designers, their leather goods never go on sale. As for their clothing line, I am not sure--there may be an occasional sale at some stores.

You can call me finicky but if I had a choice I would prefer a wallet that says "Made in France."

LV's factory in Spain and other locations all use the same standards that would be used in France.

How long do I have to exchange or return a purchase from Louis Vuitton?

14 days. It must be returned in new, unused condition with the original sales receipt.

When I call around 4 places in L.A. they give me different responses about whether I can purchase a "Made in France" item in the U.S.. Some tell me that all men's wallets in the USA will have "Made in Spain." He said that the only ones that say "Made in France" are from returns from customers who bought it in Europe.

It is my understanding that it is possible to find men's wallets that are made in France in the U.S., but it takes researching all of their store locations. I recommend calling their toll-free number to inquire: 1-866-VUITTON.

Some people have told me that I can order a wallet that says "Made in France" and others say I can't order it at all.

You can only order it if it is already imported into the U.S. or North American market. I have many Made in Spain wallets and they are wonderful.

What bags were made to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Louis Vuitton? Were there special edition bags of monogram and damier? And what would they worth?

Good questions! Click here.

How can I see the Louis Vuitton fashion show?

You have to be "somebody" to be invited, preferably a high-visibility person. But, if you make a lot of purchases, try your luck by asking the manager of your local LV boutique.

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