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  • For items on eBay, another web site, or in your possession that you want authenticated. Use this option if you want to know if an item is real or fake.


  • Use this service when you  have received a fake item and need a written document on letterhead to prove it. This is typically required for a PayPal, eBay, or Credit Card dispute.


  • Use this service if you  have an authentic item and want a Certificate of Authenticity to prove it. This is typically used for rare or expensive items, for personal reasons, for disputes, insurance or any other reason. We usually need to see the item in person, however, this requirement may be waived in certain circumstances.


By submitting your service request and payment, you understand and agree that a refund shall be issued only if service(s) cannot be rendered within the time frame that you (the customer) have paid for. Time begins after you have provided all of the photos or information that My Poupette has requested. If you cannot provide all photos and information requested in order for My Poupette to render an opinion, you will have a credit with My Poupette. This credit is available towards any future authentication service(s) with My


> Click HERE for more information on authentication services.

> View THIS link to see which images we need.

> How to create a zip file

> Click Here if you need a formal written Statement or In-Person inspection.

> Click Here if you need a formal Certificate of Authenticity (for authentic items).

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