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Item 1:
eBay or Personal Photo Authentications

We will check items on eBay or your personal photos for authenticity.

Click here to request service.

Item 2:
Fraud Claims

If you require a formal written statement on the authenticity of an item for a PayPal Claim, or need to know the appraised value of an item, My Poupette can help!


Authentication Services



    My Poupette provides different types of authentication services to fit your needs. Has eBay ENDED your auction and you need proof that your item is authentic? We can help.

    Appraisals, Certificates of Authenticity, and Statements of Condition are also available.

    If you live near a boutique, it will sometimes authenticate your item(s) for free, however, it will typically not put its findings in writing, per corporate policy. This is primarily because people were switching authentic items for fake ones and using their letter as proof of authenticity. If you do not live near a retailer or want a written opinion of regarding authenticity, My Poupette can usually help.

    We can check eBay auctions, other web sites and your personal photos. Authentications may be done with detailed photographs or by sending the item to us via a method that will track receipt. Insurance is highly recommended. Sometimes the same method may be used for appraisals.

    There are some items that we recommend be shipped for personal inspection, as photos alone are often insufficient. We will let you know!


    We provide three options to send us photos. One is to submit a website link or eBay item number. The other is to zip your photos into one file and attach them to your request. If you prefer, you may email your photos to: images @ (remove spaces).

    When we receive your photos or link, we will send a PayPal invoice. Note that invoices outstanding for 24 hours will be cancelled.

    Please click here to see which photos we need.

    If you do not hear back from us within 24 hours, please contact us via our online chat form to follow up.


    We want to make contact with you before payment is received. We will send a invoice after we receive your photos. However, you may CONTACT US FOR PAYMENT INSTRUCTIONS if you wish to pay by another method.

    FEES (Conversion Chart)


    Same Day Photo Authentication is available. When using this service, you will have our reply within 12 hours. We must receive payment and photos by 7pm, PST, otherwise we will process next day.


    Hermes items require a different fee, so please select the correct option.


    1- Hermes or Celine Bag 24-48 Hours ($165)
    2- Hermes or Celine Bag 3 Days ($125)
    3- Hermes or Celine Bag 5-7 Days ($95)
    4- Hermes or Celine Bag Same Day ($235)
    5- Hermes or Celine Scarf/Wallet 24-48 Hours ($65)
    6-Hermes or Celine Scarf/Wallet 3 Days ($45)
    7-Hermes or Celine Scarf/Wallet 5-7 Days ($35)
    8-Hermes or Celine Scarf/Wallet Same Day ($85)

    9- Handbag or Wallet 24-48 Hours ($35)
    10- Handbag or Wallet 3 Days ($25)
    11- Handbag or Wallet 5-7 Days ($20)
    12- Handbag or Wallet Same Day ($50)

    13-Clothing ($35) 3 Days
    14-Jewelry ($45) 3 Days
    15-Luggage ($55) 3 Days
    16-Shoes ($35) 3 Days
    17-Sunglasses and other Acc ($35) 3 Days

    18-Web Site Opinion ($10) 3 Days

    22-Shopper Service (See this Page)

    19-Louis Vuitton Trunk 3 Days ($125)
    20-Louis Vuitton Trunk 5-7 Days ($150)
    21-Louis Vuitton Trunk Same Day ($250)

    23-Certificate of Authenticity Same Day ($350) (Not Hermes)
    24-Certificate of Authenticity 24-48 Hours ($325) (Not Hermes)
    25-Certificate of Authenticity 3 Days ($265) (Not Hermes)
    26-Certificate of Authenticity 5-7 Days ($225) (Not Hermes)

    27-Hermes or Celine Certificate of Authenticity Same Day ($450)
    28-Hermes or Celine Certificate of Authenticity 24-48 Hours ($350)
    29-Hermes or Celine Certificate of Authenticity 3 Days ($325)
    30-Hermes or Celine Certificate of Authenticity 5-7 Days ($295)

    31-Electronics ($35) 3 Days
    32-Decorative Item ($45) 3 Days

    Other Not Listed (please send us a message)


    Standard Turnaround time: Allow 5-7 Days for us to render a written opinion statement.

    Rush is within 5 Business Days.

    Super Rush is within 48 hours (2 Days).

    We also offer same-day service.


    Please note that these fees are not for a formal Written Statement on letterhead. Those fees are here. A formal Written Statement would be needed for a PayPal, eBay or other claim. The fees above are to have us render an opinion via email, or for an in-person inspection.


Items shipped to My Poupette and in-person authentications that do not require a written statement are the fee stated, plus the cost of return shipping and a $10 handling fee.

Official authentications will be in writing, which may be submitted to eBay, PayPal, insurance claims adjusters, insurance companies, credit card companies, Small Claims Courts, police departments, and other agencies. If your letter is for Small Claims Court, add $40 to have it notarized.


We will notify you and request that you send your item to us for an in-person inspection. Shipping charges are the responsibility of the owner.


Our authentication service is based on the study of designer products for more than 25 years. We are not familiar with every item produced and will not render a written opinion if we are not at least 99% certain. By engaging our services, you acknowledge that we will take every precaution and make every effort to render an accurate opinion, however opinions rendered may be subject to a one percent error margin. You agree to hold us harmless for any loss associated with our opinion whether in written report form, email, or other.


Payment is due prior to services rendered via, SquareUp, wire, check, or money order.  Notify us via esupport if you are mailing your payment (delete extra space).


To avoid delays, please do not ship packages prior to receiving our instructions to do so.